Jackson David - Pneu Speed LLC

Alright lets open this up on a light mood before we dive into the business:

If you could be any animal what one would you be and why?

David: “A flying squirrel, so I could jump off of stuff and soar”

Company Name?

Pneu Speed LLC

How do people reach out to Pneu Speed LLC?

Pneu Speed and Jackson can be reached at admin@pneuspeed.com or via cell phone at 4143361350.

Give me a quick pitch of your startup idea:

We are a company that bring the best priced, quality tires to everyone and to help motorsports, especially the sport of drifting, to cut costs back in most expensive part.

What made you choose this kind of business?

A few friends of mine while drifting were destroying 10-20 tires A DAY and it was getting very expensive, very fast. So i sought to find a way to cut those costs.

How do you plan on growing your business?

Marketing to other areas where winter does not exist so we don't dive so drastically come the winter months. Find more suppliers to integrate into our website and have our site simply list the the higher of the price (with in reason that keeps us competitive) but buys from the lesser cost supplier. Lastly, we want to work into getting a warehouse so we can buy directly from the manufacturers.

Do you have a team? If so, how did you build your team?

I have 2 teammates. One being a person that I started the company with who has extensive motorsports knowledge. The second person has IT and computer science experience so he was brought him on in order to built a website that is infinitely greater than our current sales method and integrates our suppliers supply into our own site while including our mark up.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a fellow entrepreneur what would it be?

Give it a shot, who cares if its a failure. You cant succeed if you don't try

What is a mistake that you look back at and wish you could've avoided?

I quoted someone for some tires, and he asked if he could pay in the morning. I said sure. In the morning our cost went up 15$ a tire and we ended up losing money. So now i tell people that my quotes are good for that day.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?

"If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough"- Mario Andretti